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Step Indexing can be done on any bound product to provide quick easy access to the book 90 degree, 110 degree, double radius or straight cutting dies are available to cut single bank, double bank, corner step, and full cut front edge step. We can index standard or small book formats. We can print tabs in a variety of fonts and colours.

Examples: telephone and trade directories, annual reports, catalogs, brochures, address and appointment books, diaries, planners and blank books. See sample or video Standard Step Index





Half circle (half moon) cuts are made into the book to expose the tab at a page specific location. Thumb cuts are half moon radius, tabs are available in the same sizes as the cuts. Thumb Cut Indexing can be  single bank and double bank.  Tab descriptions may be printed on the text or can be applied. There can be multiple banks of cuts applied where the book is particularly thick.

See sample or video Thumb Indexing


This is an example of a double banked thumb index, particularly useful for large books, with a lot of subjects to index. 

Examples: dictionaries, bibles, medical books, directories.








A type of thumb index that cuts a radius through the book to the specific page.  Tab descriptions may be printed on the text or can be applied. Single or double banks can be cut.


Examples: reference books, medical books, catalogs, brochures and annual reports.


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